The Led Zeppelin-inspired band describes their technique as sticking their lyrical finger in the face of greed and misguided religion. Through “The Hollywood Machine” they use explosive drum grooves and thrashing guitar riffs to send a message about the decaying state of modernity and how capitalism ruined it for everything, even art. With lyrics, thematic similarities, and guitar sounds that bring to mind Good Charlotte’s “The River”, Moon Walker’s “The Hollywood Machine” is a tale of groovy riffs and social commentary that deconstructs a world marred by industrialism, propaganda, and religious control. Moon Walker paints a highly electric dystopian world, where listeners paint an image of doom across a post-apocalyptic terrain.
Moon Walker has a lot to say, the band still has too many tricks up its sleeve. Their music is like a trojan horse, elusive yet full of secrets, they tend to say what they want to say à la Green Day style without compromising the quality of the music nor the impact of the main message.

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Jaylan Salah