Rock historians say that 2021 is officially the Golden Jubilee for Heavy Metal music. So I couldn’t find better words than Rob Halford’s to start my article with “Heavy metal is always going to be there. At its core, it’s all about a primitive connection we all need to keep in our lives.” Well, if you’re curious to know about the History of Heavy Metal, you’ll get all answers by Slaves To Fashion.

In my opinion, they are the only band that was capable to combine Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Deep Purple together in one ban in addition to thrash and extreme influences too. Hard to believe, right? Yes, I understand, well, definitely our respect to those iconic name, but when you find the aggressive riffs of Sabbath, with melodic technicalities by Zeppelin, adding to that unique classic rock strength by Purple, then you will admit it yourself that Slaves To Fashion were capable to implement this along with other thrash and extreme influences!

These Norwegian dudes toured Norway and Germany between 2007 and 2012 after releasing two albums, and later after the change of the lead singer, they changed their direction from progressive to modern metal back in 2014. Also, they wanted to experience different styles which they appeared under the name of MOTESLAVENE which is a pop version of the band for their own songs in Norwegian. In 2020, they took a wild decision by releasing  “The History of Heavy Metal” which provides a tribute to the different time periods and subgenres of heavy metal and released the full album last February.

Also, I’ve noticed that these guys were very keen on their vintage sound, they recorded, mixed and mastered in different sessions using old analogue tape machines to capture the right vintage feeling. Adding to the historic touch of the project, legendary producers Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica), Beau Hill (Warrant, Winger, Ratt) and Tommy Hansen (Helloween) mixed the thrash metal, glam metal and power metal song, respectively. I highly recommend this album and definitely rate it 10 outt of 10! Feel the vintage vibes below!

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