With their fluid tunes and psychedelic groove, the Cardiff-based rockers Aaronson are dropping their record The Great Swells That Carry Us Will Pull Us Under on the 14th of July 2023 via Dirty Carrot Records. And believe me, you’re in for a captivating instrumental experience. 

Aaronson softly opened The Great Swells That Carry Us Will Pull Us Under with the mellow atmospheric piece Lowest Tide, building up to what’s coming next before they seamlessly dive into the title track. The Great Swells That Carry Us Will Pull Us Under starts right from the top, hitting hard with fluid melodies and constantly evolving sound that only moves forward getting bigger with every shift as all the elements act like one solid unit forming a wall of sound. Steering into a calmer pace, Where Do You Go When You Disappear? comes next. It has a cosmic mysterious flow that fills the listeners with anticipation until reaching its peak around the 3:40 minute mark, where it explodes with energy-boosting melodies and playful interesting drumming that strongly contributes to that acute mood shift. Monoliths To Safe Passage welcomes the listeners with an open sound and calming bright melodies. With steady steps at the perfect timing, Aaronson kept on adding melodies and elements that elevated their sound, while keeping its atmospheric nature inact with an organic flow with no overdoing or complications. The Silent World shows how true it is to its name with a dark melancholic intro, its a brief piece compared to the rest of the record, but it surely added a deeper emotional layer to Aaronson‘s mix that came right on the perfect spot at the middle of The Great Swells That Carry Us Will Pull Us Under. Shipwrecks picks up on its predecessor’s vibe adding a psychedelic touch and progression to the flow, while keeping the haunting bitter heartfelt mood alive. Aaronson takes us on a theatrical journey with No Light In The Fathoms. Their use of piano and the whole track’s layering and arrangement gave it a big epic sound with dramatic cutting shifts, all within a solid structure with well-crafted arrangements that produced a dreamy smooth flow that carries the listeners peacefully throughout the whole song. Ending the record on a high note comes Returning To The Surface. With its progressive drive and changing sound between heaviness and chill calmness and all the spectrum in between, it sounds like a trip through all what Aaronson offered throughout the record, leaving the listener no choice but to play it all from the top.

The Great Swells That Carry Us Will Pull Us Under is a solid connected record that shows Aaronson‘s well-knowledge of their sound and direction. It’s an enjoyable sonic journey that needed no words, just flowing energy and emotions that I believe would build strong connections with their fans. Looking forward to more from Aaronson, keep on rocking. Cheers!