As the writer’s strike carried on, the LA-based screenwriter and director Erick Castrillon decided to make use of this time and take his music passion to the next level. Solely writing and performing all of his music, Castrillon started releasing a series of singles discussing the effect and rapid progression of the technological era we’re all living in and on the 30th of November 2023, he’ll be dropping The Great Awakening, the 4th single off this series where he dives into “the singularity: that moment when the artificial intelligence becomes aware.” as described by Castrillon. Let me tell you more about it.

Erick Castrillon‘s heart-hitting melodies got me hooked right from when The Great Awakening started playing. His deep bass-ey sound and smooth flow channeled the song’s melancholic vibes perfectly, while the pounding beats added a heavy layer to his mix that kept the listeners fully focused. Castrillon’s way of mixing synth and effects with his melodic guitar is pretty significant, building a big atmospheric sound that feels like it’s taking you into a whole new dimension, setting up The Great Awakening’s mood and translating its theme into a stream of emotional, touching melodies. I loved its progressing sound, it moves forward within a fluid structure smoothly carrying the listeners through its twists and turns in a subtle hypnotizing progression. 

The Great Awakening is a solid tune with a haunting flow and bittersweet, heartfelt sound that made me put it on repeat even when I’m done taking my notes for this review. Will definitely be looking forward to more from Erick Castrillon, keep on rocking man. Cheers!