Teasing their upcoming LP Culture War 23, 9 O’clock Nasty are dropping a series of singles starting on the 29th of April 2023 with The Gastronaut. As they experiment with their sound and influences, 9 O’clock Nasty are adding more layers to their writing to the extent that they sunk their boat studio to record The Gastronaut using a real piano. Let me tell you more about it. 

With a theatrical intro dipped in their signature playful sound, 9 O’clock Nasty opened The Gastronaut. It has an overall mellow mood with subtle melodies and heavy piano-led sound. 9 O’clock Nasty‘s unique multiple vocals preserved their style while the fluid groovy bass line kept me hooked and groovin’ with them. I loved the piano lines and how they smoothly went on with those neat guitars and deep bass, all within a solid flowing structure that kept things moving dynamically, resulting in an enjoyable tune with a spicy twist that keeps the listener hooked. 

The Gastronaut is where 9 O’clock Nasty show more of their influences and diverse writing, they mixed their fun laidback writing style with different elements creating a balanced mix of interesting well-written melodies and catchy chill vibes in a special production that’s their very own. I’m always looking forward to more from 9 O’clock Nasty, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!