Life is nothing but a set of sequential challenges between two objects where each object is trying its best to be the upper hand, a boss and a subordinate, a lion and a prey, or a cat and a mouse.

blankFrom Germany, the Alternative Rock band “The Hybris” release their third single of the year titled “The Game Of Cat And Mouse” in a Punk/Alternative sound that burst into your ears the minute you hit the play button.

The Hybris begin the track with a dark groovy guitar riff then as the drumsticks do their job the heavier guitar riffs start to play to sound like a Tom & Jerry bloody fight has just begun.

The Game of Cat And Mouse” is about social disparity and injustice according to the band and it’s reflected in both the title and lyrics. Drawing the characteristics of the cat; a fat belly cat with sweat on his face. A rebellious sound is played to resist the monopolistic economies, where treasures are in the hand of a few, a loyal servant only for those few.

The chorus is catchy and sticks to the brain easily, I started mumbling the chorus just by the second play. 

Listen to the track and tell us how you find it.