While the style is constant, 3-4 minutes catchy classic rock songs with violin used prominently, the songs all together don’t fit as tracks of the same album. Each song has its own theme. The violin is one of the highlights although in some tracks it sounds repetitive. The quality differs from track to track but the ones that have bad quality are less than not.

If we look at the album as a whole, it’s boring. Classic Rock albums are either timeless or outdated for today’s listeners, and this one falls in the latter. It doesn’t have the genius of timeless albums. However, if we remove some tracks, minimize up to half, it would sound much better. As some tracks are much better than others. Another issue is the tracks number arrangement. The best tracks are the last few starting from ‘C’mon Let’s Walk’, they have the best instrumental work of all the album.

The good tracks: ‘The Bell’, ‘Mama, Don’t You Know (Who I Am)’, ‘C’mon Let’s Walk’, ‘Be Strong and Survive’, ‘The Christos Jig’ and ‘The Test’.


Written by: Noura M. Moussa
Edited by: Jailan El Rafie


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