Last month, independent Rock/Metal musician Chusss (The Visitor) released a new EP, The Final Third. He explained that the concept of the album is Sufi influenced. It expresses the feelings of the man in the final 3 or 4 hours before dawn. This part of the night is full of confusion, bittersweet memories, and mixed feelings. Attempting to reflect these diverse moods is something pretty impressive.

The EP is made up of five tracks: The Final Third”, “Days and Months”, Song for Ruby”, “Prayer for Peace”, and “Decay”. In general, the release is original and impressive. You can tell the different influences displayed throughout the tracks on the EP from oriental and jazz to rock. “The Final Third” is a nice opening for the EP, it carries deep oriental melodies and deep keys notes. Moving to “Days and Months”, it feels deeper than the previous track, you can trace senses of loss, confusion and deep thinking.

Next is “Song for Ruby,” this one is somehow strange for me as I think it’s closer to the Pop/Rock genre. I like how the melodies flooded successively, and how they get stuck in your head. Next comes “Prayer for Peace”, I have to say that it’s my favorite track. I have recently found myself getting more into Sufi music and its mystic melodies. I can’t deny that Chusss portrays those pure and energetic feelings very well; the tracks keep traveling between days and nights and tracing the shining stars before the dawn, this is deeply reflected by the sounds of the guitar and keyboard. Finally, “Decay” is a nice dynamic track full of harmonizing guitar and bass lines, it’s like this song is the final destination on this short journey, it reflects the dilemma of overthinking, and how it can result in sleepless nights as one watches the first rays of the day to come.

All in all, the EP is a really enjoyable instrumental piece. The melodies are fresh and catchy. It’s also a nice break away from the noise of everyday life which gives you a chance to lose yourself in deep thought.

Edited by: Shereen G.