Following their melodic and righteous lead single from upcoming record, Free Rein to PassionsThe Dirty Nil are sharing “Celebration,” an incendiary track which vocalist and guitarist Luke Bentham has crowned as their “purest love song.”

Unconditional and without mercy, Bentham demands “tell me what you want in the whole wide world, I’ll do it” over chugging guitars and an explosive rhythm section provided by bandmates Kyle Fisher and Sam Tomlinson.

Watch the official “Celebration” music video here.

Free Rein to Passions, set for release on May 26, finds The Nil making their most authentic work to date, which Bentham describes as “an acknowledgment of the crazy circumstances that we all occupy at this point in time, and being nice.” Trading second guessing for more reckless abandon, Free Rein to Passions is the sound of The Dirty Nil wielding their formidable power and recommitting to rock worship.


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