With 11 albums behind his back and running the New York-based independent record label Housewarming Records, managing the whole show for 3 years…California-born and raised Erik David Hidde A.K.A. Prison Escapee is back at it with a new single titled “The Day Lennon Died”…a stunning piece of fusion rock and electro with shades of soundtrack-ish elements, Prison Escapee really captures our emotions and unlocks our imagination through his music.

With his unique musical fingerprint of melancholic art rock direction, Erik, Prison Escapee has also been recording, producing, mixing and mastering all of his works right from his own home studio…and the same goes for his latest single “The Day Lennon Died”…a one-man work machine that really never stopped or even slowed down making music, even when he was heading the record label for 3 years…he’s always been at it.

Erik now graces the world with “The Day Lennon Died”, an instrumental oddysee that has strong storytelling elements that resides solidly between the rich musical layers of the song’s production…

“The Day Lennon Died” is a 5-minute journey, starting from the deep abyss of the ambient realm and making its way inch by inch to the light through an excellently minimal guitar melody…which then is joined with the drums, with a steady beat and a hint of industrialism here, the drums get the story moving forward…

The song keeps building up with both ambient layers of guitar and some significant electronic elements…even the drums switch to electronic at some point in the story…

Erik released the song on the anniversary of John Lennon’s death, one of his all-time favorite songwriters…and he adds “We all wonder how to cope with death, but music can be medicine and this song was made specifically for that.”

With excellent music and an amazing message, you can’t go wrong with Prison Escapee’s “The Day Lennon Died”…make sure to check it out right away.

Wishing all the best to Erik and can’t wait for the next releases of Prison Escapee…we’re sure it’s going to be mind-blowing.