Comett’s ‘The Dance’ was already a gorgeous enough song without the heartwarmingly cute, animated video. A gentle and roomy pop song with delightfully hypnotic guitar work, a steady beat, and Comett’s reassuring words.

Comett is a Parisian singer and songwriter and his single ‘The Dance’ is an absolutely outstanding piece of indie pop that’s light, touching, colorful, and quite simply beautiful. Based on layers of guitar lines, Comett’s arranging takes center stage on ‘The Dance’. A handful of deliciously twisty guitar and keyboard lines wrap around the song’s stirring chord sequence, occasionally overlapping each other in moments that showcase Comett’s genuinely delightful musical foresight.

‘The Dance’ has words that are sweet and a vocal delivery that’s frank and vulnerable, making the song feel even more genuine and touching. The wonderful production on the song can also not be overlooked. Plain-sounding drums and plain-sounding guitars were never meant to sound so whole as how ‘The Dance’ makes them sound. It is truly a talent to know when to tone down, making room for more lines to roam around without overcrowding a mix, and it is a talent that Comett readily displays not only on this song, but on all his other songs as well.

Comett is a songwriter with a distinctively stirring style that has exposed him to a lot of acclaim over his releases. ‘The Dance’ just happens to be one more of his deliberately constructed songs to sound soulful and honest. A breathtaking listen.