The Cyon Project is an Alternative Metal band from Italy. The band was formed in early 2009 with Marco Priotti on vocals, Fabio Cyon as a lead guitarist, Mad Mike on bass and Nicola Palma on the drums.
Now that we have everything concerning the lineup and background of the band figured out, we may proceed to the Tales Of Pain.

Considering that I’ve done my research regarding the band, I knew what I was about to hear – or at least had a general idea.

The intro song ‘Joe’ was not as expected it to be. Clean guitar lines with synths, strings ensembles and epic percussion. It felt like a movie soundtrack. When the second track ‘Cheesy Song’ begun, the mood changed entirely. Classical Alternative Metal song with groovy riffs and steady confident rhythm. The second part of the song was NOT cheesy at all as was strange; rather new and unusual. But the main concept of the music didn’t change. I have to say the lyrics are truly energetic and also a funny way of telling the history of the band. The writing may be a little bit “basic” to some. But I think it made the point of the song in which the band tried to make it clear.

The rest of the album didn’t really add much to the musical experience I had at the beginning of the album except for some songs like ‘Riot’ and ‘Rulemaker’ in which the band integrated the synth elements they had at the intro track. However, ‘Phantom Limb’ and ‘Sandglass’ are tracks that feel different in the album. Mostly acoustic with a slow and sensible beat and rhythm. Lovely tracks, I enjoyed them. The only thing I didn’t like in ‘Sandglass’ was the backing vocals saying, “watching over you”; they felt a bit odd and king of ruining a good part of the track. ‘Raise Your Head’ has this really good and catchy bass line. It can easily get stuck on your mind and it was really cool.

There was some sort of odd parts like the orchestral element in ‘Englewood’s Hotel’ which felt really out of shape and weird but not repulsive or irritating at all. It’s just new.

My favorite tracks out of the album were ‘Mr. Creosote’, ‘Riot’, ‘Phantom Limb’ and ‘Raise Your Head’.

My overall review about is good. This band has some tunes I really like. The songs are a bit bassy, and I don’t usually like the bassy tone but this band made it really good. And I’d love to hear more of their stuff. Let’s hope they keep up the good work.

Written by: Ahmed D. Essam
Edited by: Ahmad Mostafa