For the second time The Cyon Project made us higher with their latest single The Cheesy Song; such a powerful funny track. We had a laugh with them, listening to their album Tales of Pain, check our album review here.
Through this track, The Cyon Project talk about the situation of forming a band, being new musicians without any financial support, putting all your dreams, money, hopes and talents on the line; they want to prove themselves in their musical scenes. In fact, The Cyon Project expresses this idea through their funny video clip greatly especially in the scene where the members are sitting and thinking of how they will make their album, then they recalled having no money and one of the members said that he had 10 euros.


Although the music is so powerful and is able to make you move or jump or change your mood, the video shows the lack of support they have by old people listening to them. The dream of being a Rockstar and becoming one, then facing many hinders which are able to crash you. They discuss the idea in a funny, sarcastic way.

Let’s talk about the track. I like the movements a lot, every movement of a riff reflects a phase or an idea of the band’s minds. Really attractive powerful music will make you laugh, jump and move. They are a talented rising group of musicians, their music mixes between progressive music – which really shows through different movements of the riff – and the strength of the effective, attractive alternative music with some touches of stoner music, however keeping the classic sound of the genre. They deserve a 9 out of 10.

Written by: Rana Atef
Edited by: NJ Bakr