From her debut album of the same name, The Curse of KK Hammond gives us her latest single; Death Roll Blues. Featuring the collaborative assistance of David & The Devil, this swamp blues track dives deep into the morose and creepy while giving listeners an introspective view of life in the bayou. Dealing with the devil, finding your soul, and navigating troubled waters, The Curse of KK Hammond utilizes imagery and creative metaphor to illustrate a grim perspective of the other side of reality while keeping us grounded with her tight and stylized melodies. The resonant guitar sounds playing a slide blues throughout this track coupled with a steady deep groove entices listeners to sway along with this moderato feel while the lyrics help paint a vast landscape of eeriness. The subtle addition of harmonized vocals throughout, compliments of David & the Devil fill the listening spectrum of Death Roll Blues. “On the bottom, there’s a curse that knows our names, And that’s what called us in, The darkness swirls around you and it washes off your pain, It’s where we’ve always been.” This grim and ominous overtone coupled with that minor blues chord progressions gives Death Roll Blues its true strength as a solid blues tune.

Accompanied by one the best lyric videos I have ever seen, Death Roll Blues really plays on this creepy swamp imagery. The magnanimous presence that The Curse of KK Hammond is able to convey solidifies a sub-genre of music that really is underserved in the mainstream music scene. By channeling all the subtle nuances of this blues genre, audiences are given a fresh and stylized perspective of this classic feel with a contemporary voice. Personally, I love this track and the album which accompanies it. The production of Death Roll Blues is so well-executed it feels like we are being pulled into the abyss of the swamp and finding ourselves face to face with all the demons abound that come with these songs. I also enjoy the way The Curse of KK Hammond sings each cadence, as she forms her phrases in a liturgical and stately manner that adds to the overall vibe of the narrative being presented. An excellent addition to any Blues, Country, or Middle-of-the-Road playlist, Death Roll Blues would also see success on commercial radio with its highly replayable nature and  infectious hooks.

Reviewed by: Lee Callaghan

Evolution Music Press

December 11, 2022

In collaboration with MTS Management Group

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