Chronicling the people’s fight of Ukraine against the tyranny is the theme and essence of United States-based singer/songwriter Gary Dranow‘s latest single “The Cry Of War”…

“The Cry Of War” is an imagining of the future of Ukraine’s struggle…as evident in the lyrics…where the first verse talks about the Ukraine prevailing and winning, then overthrowing Putin and his posse, making the whole area a thriving democracy.

With such strong and hopeful storytelling, the music must rise up for the heaviness of the topic at hand…and we’re here to tell you, rest assured, it does satisfy any hard rock wishes you might have.

The song starts with huge guitar riffs along a thunderous drum beat…the music is absolutely monstrous, humongous sounding and full of pure heavy rock-ness.

Gary’s gritty vocals fill the air and move the emotions…his vocal performance is a mix of the heavy and the soaring…

The bridge in the middle of the song pumps the energy up through the roof…which is saying too much, because it already started from a high note…yet, Gary manages to kick it up even more, especially with the bridge and the guitar solo right after it…it feels like you’re on a rock, rumbling and taking off.

With great lyrics and super catchy melodies that will stick in our brains for weeks to come…Gary’s “The Cry Of War” is a tsunami of a rock record that shouldn’t be missed at any cost.

Wishing Gary all the best in his life, we can’t wait to see what kind of stories and melodies the brilliant artist shares with the world next.