Victor Kulagin

Kyote Radio is back with its first single release this year with ‘The Crown’ to give us a young vibe and a fresh sound of the garage rock subgenre. The band’s releases date back to their debut EP in 2018, which was followed by a series of singles throughout the past years. The Austin-based rock and roll trio found their style falls in between the classic rock icons like Black Sabbath and the indie rock titans like Modest Mouse. The band has an interesting lineup with Micah Paredes who leads the band on electric guitar and lead vocals with amazing songwriting skills and compositions of striking guitar riffs, along with Wesley Riddle on drums and Nick Smith on bass. 

The band collaborated with a guest guitar solo on this single; Kyle Shutt from The Sword and doom Side of the moon who is known as Austin’s shredder king because of his remarkable skills. “The Crown” starts with a long guitar intro and riffs that form a conversation, a question and an answer, a thought that is elaborated on later that all comes down to a resolution and a cadence to pave the way for the vocals’ entry. The bass line along with the drums complements the narrative of the song and gives it depth and dimension like no other. And to top it all off, the guitar solo played later is so powerful, well played, and integrated that you could feel Kyle speaking through it

The song was produced by Wizard Frenchie at The Bubble Studios and the eye-catching artwork by Steven Yoyada. The band will perform “The Crown” live on July 30th in Austin at Hole in the Wall to celebrate its release while receiving support from Cheeky Orange and Brian Wolff. Check out their Instagram account for more details on this highly anticipated live performance.