The latest single from the American/Canadian band Fate Will Come is called The Cost, and it is a time portal to the sweet old days of the mid-to-late 80s when the overdrive was superior, the rock-n-roll sound was larger than life, and the lyrics were anthemic. The song is truly back to basics in terms of instrumentation and arrangement. 

Lead guitarist. Matt Kirschner beautifully kicks off the song with some acoustic guitar work that has some strong Skid Row vibes. Lead vocalist Renita Zenitel shortly joins in with her rich and husky voice that’s highly reminiscent of Blackie Lawless and Doro Pesch. I was already sold by then. The riff that plays at the start of the chorus leading to the strong exclamation “What’s The Cost?” was very impactful and honest to the story and the emotions the song is trying to tell. The way Renita’s voice cracks on some of the higher notes and then softens to sing the verses will appeal to all the fans of Classic Rock and Metal who miss having such caliber of singers in mainstream media just like in the old days. The recurrent phrase “What once was beautiful, now hurts too much” was another one that I had stuck in my head for some time.

The rhythm section comprised of Mr. Richard Groce on drums and Mr. Michael Joe Deal on bass guitar provides a strong foundation for the moments the acoustic guitar is playing in the forefront, and during the beautiful and nostalgic guitar solo that blew me away. This song is equal parts stadium rock-n-roll anthem and personal heartbreak story, which was only accomplished due to the mindful songwriting and the musicians who hold so much love for a certain era of music that they want to bring back. It’s no wonder Fate Will Come did well on the UK charts with their releases as they have pretty much earned it.



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