With their upcoming album Disasterclass finally ready for vinyl pre-orders via koalra.bandcamp.com, the Portland-based rockers Koalra are dropping their 2nd single The Clouds Still Hang On You on the 24th of November 2023. Mixing dark vibes with deeply hitting melodies, The Clouds Still Hang On You will easily slip into your “On Repeat” playlist making you mark your calendar for Disasterclass’ release on December 22nd. Let me tell you more about it.

Koalra’s haunting groove and deep psychedelic approach on The Clouds Still Hang On You had my complete attention right from the song’s opener, sending touching melancholic vibes within its purely atmospheric sound, promising an emotional sonic experience ahead. The Clouds Still Hang On You’s dreamy vocal melody sets the song’s ambient mood, while the deep fat bassline, hypnotizing drums, and unstoppable fluid guitars all come together in perfect harmony unified in an always moving stream that smoothly carries the listeners throughout the song’s seamless flow. Koalra managed to cleverly maintain their groovy pace and irresistible flow without losing the listeners’ focus, keeping them fully hooked and entertained by their atmospheric sound and subtle dynamic twists that kept their solid structure fresh and catchy. 

The Clouds Still Hang On You is a carefully crafted tune by Koalra that shows these guys’ well-knowledge of their sound and direction, they’ve put together an unbreakable structure that smoothly flows with well-arranged and layered melodies in a uniquely touching mix that softly takes the listeners on a special journey into their world. Looking forward to more from Koalra, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!