No one said life would be easy, and we’re living in days when we witness crisis after crisis. Some of them are beyond our control, but we can hold out hope that they will pass. Musicians like Sano Hill and their motivational work like “The Climb”, with such a hopeful atmosphere, bring comfort to troubled souls.

“The Climb” is the Ireland-based singer/songwriter Sano Hill’s latest track and his first single release from his debut album “If Not Now, when?” to be released in mid-2022. It’s a song we’ll need with its poetic, reassuring, relatable lyrics, as we’re facing a pandemic that makes us lose our beloved ones, global warming that makes us lose Earth itself, and next to that, each person has their own daily struggles. While confronting all this drama, hearing a line like “We’ll climb over the hill now and run down into the valley bellow,” through silky, comforting vocals, our day becomes better, even a little, and then we hear, with a gentle tone, “Don’t hurry, don’t rush,” to make us stop running in the circle of life and our busy schedule and just take a breath.

In collaboration with Larry Hogan, it’s a well-produced piece. The song is led by a distinctive, soothing acoustic guitar and well-structured drums that add upbeat vibes to the track with some electric guitar notes. The vocals are evocative, relieving, and passionate, making it reach the soul, and the resonating “oh” screams with the chorus following it give goosebumps.

Slow down a little and make your day lighter by hearing “The Climb” below:

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