Irish rising stars garnering a fanbase across Dublin, Galway, Limerick, and home city Cork, The Cliffords have released a new single entitled ‘Feels Like A Man’. The indie-rock quintet has previously been highlighted by multiple Spotify editorial playlists and continues to expand their horizons to a national scale.

‘Feels Like A Man’ is a testament to the five-piece’s songwriting ability, creating a dark and captivating atmosphere from the very first moments with raw intensity in their performances. Soft vocals take control of the sound, while gentle but palpably gritty bass and guitars chug beneath. Reserved until a moment of fiery anguish breaks the serenity, with the lead vocals crying out with unbridled passion and the instrumentation unleashing a rich and dark distortion. Fading away into a distant vocalisation, The Cliffords’ ability to blend delicateness and power is nothing short of addictive.

The band reflect on the new single, ”‘Feels Like a Man’ is a love letter to the female relationships I’ve experienced in my life, both platonic and romantic. The “man” referenced in the song is really more of a metaphor for power or confidence – the power to be who you want without a fear of consequences. The song is set in our hometown of Cork, referencing the iconic Patrick’s hill, as well as Shandon steeple in the lyric “liar’s land”, as it is often referred to as “the four liars”. I wrote the song after meeting and spending a lot of time with a girl who seemed to be fearless and unapologetically herself. Spending time with her allowed me to feel the same. The song also touches on themes of self-doubt and seasonal depression.”

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