We all want to be heard, to be accepted as we are and most importantly, to stand and fight for what we believe in! This is the message we want the whole world to know…Luckily for us, this is what The Chasers’ “Close to Howling” album is all about.

Originally from Paris-France, each member had previously played rock metal for several years in different bands until their need for change brought them together, forming The Chasers, in which they combine their different guitar talents and catchy melodies to form energetic yet emotional music.

Their 2012 album “Close to Howling”, featured 4 tracks where the band proved their guitar and rhythm experiments. The album starts off with a somewhat haunting instrumental track titled “Backfire” which sets out the mood for the rest of the album. The lyrics of the following tracks send a strong message to their listeners that you can actually hear and feel in their performance. “Wasted Sons” and “Taste of Your Soul” have very energetic and upbeat performances whereas “Howling Legacy” has a calmer yet steadily rocking tune to it.

The cover artwork gives the album its final touch, picturing a Red Riding Hood theme that can actually be analyzed in a metaphorical way in which the wolf shadow represents fears and challenges, while the little girl represents the innocence yet powerful stand of the younger generation that states “Yes! We have a voice and we’re not afraid to use it!”