I could speak in length about Mark Mallman’s past works and history, but his latest single speaks loud enough for his unique artistry and vision. A one-of-a-kind artist who keeps his music steeped in something old and comfortable, while reaching out to uber-modern production, visuals, and lyricism to create a truly refreshing blend of old and new.

An indie rock artist and an author, Mark Mallman is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and after his recent ‘Seen My Own Ghost’ stunned us with its genuinely quirky directness and humor, he returns with ‘The Cancer, dropping on the day of its namesake zodiac sign. The song lets go of its predecessor’s rocking qualities in favor of a lush string arrangement and a mystifying flute part that weaves a spell on the song’s rhythmic base.

Sounding like a spiritual successor to the legendary ‘Eleanor Rigby’, Mark Mallman’s rhythmic and dry string quartet delivers the song’s sonorous chords underneath his trademark passionate and fragile delivery. The woodwinds play a critical role in defining the song’s atmosphere, along with the subdued choir oohs and aahs, creating a folk-inspired mood that’s dark and brimming with mystery, while retaining Mallman’s usual lighthearted bizarreness.

A legendary musical figure around his state, Mallman takes pleasure in shedding his skin, changing shapes, and surprising listeners with new musical guises. He does it very well too. ‘The Cancer’ is a unique, rare sound that is produced to immensely high standards, sounding genuinely beautiful and heartfelt.