Billy Pearson. IG @willisdonpearsonjr

The Meskimo released his new single, “The Brothers Mckenna Drop Out”. It’s a tribute song to two brothers who contributed a lot to research regarding the medicinal use of psychedelics.

The cover art for this single perfectly emulates what you feel when you’re listening to it. Just 4 pure minutes of trippy goodness! The song has no lyrics, but it speaks louder than any song that does have one. During the 4 minutes of the song, you feel like you’re in a dream, but you’re actually still in control of it. The Meskimo recommends listening to this song whilst you’re at the peak of your psychedelic trip, though, in my opinion, you don’t need to take psychedelics to get high off of this track! Though the song draws from traditional psychedelic bands, it also gives a highly fresh take on modern psychedelic music. I also love the inventive use of instruments and the trippy studio effects like reverb and distortion. All in all, this track was just 4 minutes of pure bliss, and it carries a beautiful ode to the Mckenna brothers! 


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