All the way from Sweden, the land that gave us a lot of great musicians, bands and songs…we thank you for the music you keep on giving the whole world…and now, we have Vargen, a very well-established, cool and an awesome band that gives all audiences a unique experience.

“The Bitch In Me” is the second single from Vargen’s upcoming debut album of original work…and it’s such a great experience…you’ll find hints of awesomeness from Neil Young, Tom Petty and The Stones…so basically, if you like good music, this will be for you.

Vargen is a group of some awesome musicians…that we love getting to know…

Reine Johansson, Vocal

Per Bengtsson, Electric guitar

Dag Hallberg, Keys

Andreas Alm, Acoustic guitar

Christian Kullberg, Bass

Klas Assarsson, Drums

Their latest “The Bitch In Me” is a slow cool rock track…is that even a genre? Well, it should be.

The song can be described also as a whiskey blues rock song with awesome vocals, guitar solo…and it’s with a Telecaster, my weapon of choice…

The vocals are so full, Reine is an absolute vocal monster…

…the guitar solo by Bengtsson is nothing less than amazing…

The whole band has a super cool attitude and their harmony and synchronization is of the highest levels…a super professional band that has only one way to go…and that is forward and onwards…their star will only shine brighter and brighter…Vargen is a highly recommended experience…go check’em out right now.

Vargen, wishing you all the best, you deserve it…and a lot more.