It can be challenging to recommend a band that seamlessly blends four different styles into one. Can you picture it? Well, the Texas-based musical duo Millennium Resorts has achieved this feat flawlessly.

Millennium Resorts‘ founders, Scott Raulie and Jonathan Richerson, draw inspiration from the 70s era. Their track ‘The Big Show’ evokes the psychedelic vibes of Pink Floyd, blending groovy riffs reminiscent of Tame Impala, dream pop elements like M83, and a shoegaze style akin to My Bloody Valentine.

Featured in their concept album ‘The Key of David,’ ‘The Big Show’ showcases Millennium Resorts‘ ability to create a rich, atmospheric presence. The music skillfully weaves tension and mystery, encouraging listeners to find their own interpretations. The impressive soloing and the captivating mix, initially composed on a piano, add to the allure of the piece.

The role of The Gluten Freemasons in production cannot be overlooked; their contribution was instrumental in delivering such an iconic mix and master for the track.

I highly recommend listening to their latest album and check it out below.