Tom Minor’s latest single ‘The Bad Life’, which happens to be his fifth, is a piece of art pop that blends classical musical melancholia with lyrical hedonism in a shape-shifting composition.

Based in London, Tom Minor is a singer and a songwriter whose fifth single ‘The Bad Life’ is -in his own words- an invitation (or a warning) to hedonism and all the pleasure or the pain it may entail. The song utilizes Minor’s warm, roomy, and overdriven guitars in delivering its two main musical motifs.

Like 2 sides of one coin, the song starts with a rock and roll-inspired section that descends through the timeless Andalusian cadence, sounding familiarly somber and charismatic as Minor delivers his characterful lyrics on top. The song then shifts to its other section which is much more art pop-based with chords that open up with subtle jazz voicings. With a startling modulation, Minor showcases his harmonic boldness and musical knowledge.

‘The Bad Life’ is a charming and confident piece of music from a capable songwriter who wants little to do with the limelight. Tom Minor’s music is rich with soul and panache, with a distinct character that’s impossible to mimic. Just listen to that flute that kicks in and out of nowhere.