Fresh from the barley breathing American punk scene a new band came to life. The band’s name is The Atomic Atoms, which was born when Tommy Cappel and Adam Singer met at a Cincinnati hole-in-the-wall called Boswell Alley once upon an open-mic night back in 2006. ‘Old Fiend’ is from the band’s third studio album entitled Digging Up Ed Sullivan, the track has everything it should have to be referred to as punk, musically and lyrically.

The lyrics are very punkish you can easily imagine any major punk rock vocalist singing them, talking about a complex mixture of feelings of being left out, misplaced, lost, different besides self doubt and self loathing , all of these feelings evident throughout the track in lines like “My worst enemy is me Oh my, Oh my enemy is always me”, “Find some beauty and pray For a beautiful moment to take me away” and my most favorite one of them all “Quiet tricks in the night Voices inside my brain Say you’re better off dead man you know you’re insane.”

Musically the track is packed with heavily condensed, fast going guitar and drums that you just get lost in the speed of and takes you to that lovable idiotic punk rock mood, the track – as usual- is very short lived lasting for less than one and a half minute with nearly thirty lines sang in which indicates the speed the track is played with, something is also very characteristic for punk rock

All in all, if you want to listen to classic punk rock but produced this year a band like The Atomic Atoms along with The Tommy Knockers – which was reviewed here – are very recommended for you.

Here is a link where you can listen to their latest released album Digging Up Ed Sullivan

Written by: Ahmed Hafez
Edited by: NJ Bakr


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