This, my friends is the last, but not least part of our photography at concert tips.
11- Anticipate:
If you know the songs, that will be great for you. You can predict what’s going to happen next while holding your camera up to capture the “right” moment. Through soulful pauses, an upcoming dancing move of the subject or a completely spontaneous move.



(f4.5, shutter speed: 1/60, ISO1000)

12- Watch for foreground and background clutter:

One of the most challenging things about concert photography, is the clutter found on a concert stage such as the microphone and their stands, monitor speakers, amplifiers, cables, and even fast moving photographers and their shadows. Clutter that might take away from your shots, try to position yourself and watch out for the previous things to keep in mind while capturing the perfect shot.

13- Ditch the flash unless you’re allowed to use it:

I highly recommend to ditch it and to use the lighting situation to your favor. The flash takes away the light and flattens the image with the fired light.

14- RAW is the new jpeg!
This one is essential: Always shoot RAW because you have way more freedom in postproduction like changing the white balance, reducing noise -if necessary-, changing the exposure, etc.

5- Click, click, click!

The last setting of my choice is the multiple shot mode. Our situation in front of the stage is really challenging for our cameras. A low light situation and fast movements are not the easiest things to deal with, and therefore we need to take a lot of pictures during a concert. Using the multiple shot mode allows you to take 3-4 frames in a short time period which increases the possibility of getting a good shot.

And by this, we came at the end of our tips and tricks. I hope you find it helpful and advantageous.


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