These four musicians; Philip Lagerblad (Guitar/Vocals) , Oscar Ulfheden (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Timothy Parker (Bass), and Andreas Wennerberg (Drums), did a great job in their new EP, Day After Day, especially the track ‘I’m Leaving You’.


The track has the real theme of 70’s Rock from A to Z, from the drums crossing with the guitars to the vocals. Even the band’s styles and outfits are so 70’s! If somebody told me that The Alfas is a newly formed band and that this track and video were released in 2014, I would’ve thought that they’re surely lying!

The track was released with a really cool video from The Alfas in which really drove us back to the classical Rock era through its scenes and method of videography and also with the track itself.

I guess all of the rock fans would like to hear more from The Alfas in the near future!

Written by: Amged Mahmoud
Edited by: Jailan El-Rafie


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