We all like classic Rock tracks, there’s no denying that.

A newly formed Blues/Rock band form Stockholm, The Alfas, are very talented in playing and composing their own 70’s Rock ‘n’ Roll in the 21st century, although they are not very much known. However, I have reason to believe that they deserve to be famous.

These four musicians; Philip Lagerblad (Guitar/Vocals) , Oscar Ulfheden (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Timothy Parker (Bass), and Andreas Wennerberg (Drums), did a great job in their new EP, Day After Day, especially the track ‘I’m Leaving You’.

The track has the real theme of 70’s Rock from A to Z, from the drums crossing with the guitars to the vocals. Even the band’s styles and outfits are so 70’s! If somebody told me that The Alfas is a newly formed band and that this track and video were released in 2014, I would’ve thought that they’re surely lying!

The track was released with a really cool video from The Alfas in which really drove us back to the classical Rock era through its scenes and method of videography and also with the track itself.

I guess all of the rock fans would like to hear more from The Alfas in the near future!

Edited by: Jailan El-Rafie