Not a year after the band’s release of their last studio album, the band surprises their fans with a new single titled ‘By your side’. The band was already touring last year so that’s why a new single this soon was such a surprise to their fan-base all over the world.

“Heavily electronic, even heavier than usual” those were the first words that came to mind after listening to the track, and I think this is the reason behind the single’s release. The 1975 is simply experimenting exploring new grounds digging deeper into their musical character and testing their fans’ reactions.

Now let me be honest here, when it comes to electronic music, I am pretty sure you will find me last in line, but this right here is different somehow. Mathew’s voice is heavily auto-tuned in the track to the point it becomes nearly unrealisable, which is something I usually would consider a musical turn-off but it somehow potentiates the band’s usual lost/stoned/drunk vibe.

Finally, something that must be mentioned in this article that the song has a serious “Daft Punk” vibe in it that you just cannot miss nor ignore. The track made me excited for what’s to come from the British group and what they have to offer their fans in their upcoming musical products.

Edited by: Bishoy Nader