This special EP by The 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco, made me feel like it’s summer time and I was on a beach listening to an amazing band that played Old pop/ rock music. These guys aced this one; you can listen to this EP and dance around with no chains like a happy little kid who just got their cookie fresh from the oven.

The EP; called The Cruise Control has a list of 4 songs; Cruise Control, The legend of Josi & the Juke, List Song and Breakfast of Kings. I had to play these songs more than once to come up with the right words and describe them. The band has a witty, fun sound to their music. The Leged of Josi & The Juke had a wastern old tune to it, and honestly I liked the twist. My favorite of this EP would be ‘Breakfast of Kings’ and that’s because the words are so meaningful.

“I’ll take a drink with you
I’ll take one without
For the fire in my belly that just won’t go out”

I would gladly play this track over and over again, not forgetting that the title itself is catchy just like the melody of this song.

Enjoy listening to these guys since Cruise Control has already featured on 6music & will air on Rick Witters show this Sunday on Minster FM and, obviously, because they rock!