Petula Dennis

Lethia’s Natorium’s latest is a manic blast, a proud confession of guilt, and a bold statement of musical lightheartedness and humor.

Acting from London, Lethia’s Natorium is adamant to deliver the point that they are not a band. In fact, Lethia’s Natorium is the solo project of visionary musician Pena Hughes-John. Having been in many bands before, Pena had a conscious decision to go solo on this one. She is accompanied by two sets of session musicians, both in London and elsewhere, who provide their services remotely. Having already released “Sorry No Longer Cuts It”, a song sung from the perspective of the wronged party in a toxic, destructive relationship, “That’s The Way I Am” tells the story from the perspective of the unashamed perpetrator. Refreshing, unique, and a ton of fun. 

It’s difficult to tell what hits first, the buoyant, trebly, jumpy bass, or the hectic, unsettled beat, or Pena’s inspired, manic vocals and decidedly sinister lyrics. They are all here, sharp, and ready to hit. The fantastic lyrics are a breath of fresh air, and the thick, delightfully overdriven guitar in the chorus sounds like a dream. Endless professions of all kinds of destructive behavior roll madly off of Peña’s tongue in a charming, girlish, and intoxicating delivery. 

This quirky little cut is an obscure, difficult-to-grasp piece of musical fun that’s just inspired and fun. Pena Hughes-John is a compelling lyricist, bold singer, and a spontaneous songwriter, and we’re kind of in love with her vibes.