As they prepare for their 7th album “Quint” release, the Lo-Fi post punk trio Aggressive Soccer Moms are dropping their 1st single off it “That’s How I Feel” on the 8th of December. With the addition of saxophonist Stefan Wistrand to their lineup, they introduced some mellow jazzy vibes to their sound. Let me tell you more about it 

With dreamy atmospheric synths and mellow jazzy melodies, Aggressive Soccer Moms opened “That’s How I Feel”. I loved its gradual progression, they kept on smoothly and softly hyping the beats up while keeping the mellow flow going. The vocal melody made Aggressive Soccer Moms’ punk roots and influences come alive, even with the “jazzy” saxophone’s presence that added a heart-hitting, emotional layer to the mix. 

“That’s How I Feel” is a simple, well-crafted tune flexing Aggressive Soccer Moms maturity and character, proving that all you need is good writing skills to create such a beautifully captivating song, using well-written and arranged instrumentations and melodies. Its production and fluidity is what grabbed my attention right from the 1st listen, as all the elements elegantly fit together in perfect harmony, creating a smooth flow that carries you throughout its 3:15 minute time. I will definitely be keeping an eye on Aggressive Soccer Moms for more unique sonic experiences, keep on rocking guys, cheers!


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