For every artist (be them actors/musicians/painters…etc.), each one of them tries to find a way to be creatively unique in their performances and materials. Of course, before the perfection there must be trials and errors along the way, but in the end a good day’s hard work pays off. I mean, “No pain, No gain”, right?
In the music business for singers, composers and songwriters, I guess one of their main challenges is finding the right musical rhythm to the lyrics, the diversity, timing and balance between instruments and vocals.

Rising this year all the way from Melbourne -Australia, I give you TERAMAZE! This Aussie progressive metal band was originally formed during lead guitarist/producer Dean Well’s teenage years. The band had a couple of albums at first, but officially surfaced with the release of their 2012 album ‘Anhedonia’ that met with critical acclaim, as was the follow up of 2014’s ‘Esoteric Symbolism’, which saw the quartet making a bolder statement and taking no prisoners to flex their musical muscle even further. Now with new vocalist Nathan Peachey and a new record deal with Mascot Label Group, Teramaze have arrived with their cinematic Her Halo. The band includes Dean Kennedy (Drums) and Luis Eguren (Bass Guitar).

Teramaze’s uniqueness and creativity shows through their focus on the framework of songwriting, and the structure of the song as a whole. They took advantage of the different and beautiful sounds of every instrument they’ve used; from Cellos to both acoustic & bass guitars.

Her Halo is an 8- tracks album, which has a melodic harmony between the instruments, there was also a variety in the vocalist’s different notes & pitches, symphonic and atmospheric touches added a nice brilliant taste to the music & the very good solos. There was creativity in style of the tracks, the interlude through them with the acoustic guitar and keys to make them more emotional and gives the music its special sound. The narrative theme is wrapped around the subject matter of the ups and downs of dealing with fame, being persona non grata, love triangles, and the thin line between passion and friendship; issues which we all can relate to.

The tracks included are:

1. ‘An Ordinary Dream’ (13:51)
2. ‘To Love A Tyrant’ (8:02)
3. ‘Her Halo’ (5:24)
4. ‘Out of Subconscious’ (5:26)
5. ‘For The Innocent’ (5:03
6. ‘Trapeze’ (4:42)
7. ‘Broken’ (5:59)
8. ‘Delusions of Grandeur’ (9:49)

Now, until you get your hands on the album, here’s their latest music video release of one of their album tracks. Check below.

Written by: Farah Wahid and Rana Atef
Edited by: Bishoy Nader