Well, I have always believed that the sound waves are representing the music and rhythm. So when I listen to music either this tune gives me the feeling of floating on oceans through the waves given by this song, or drowning! ‘Tequila Kiss’ is one of the songs that you can feel the flow, and through such smooth lines, you can even swing with it while listening to. The charm here comes not with his music only but through such emotive vocals. In my opinion, his voice is the strongest element over here. It’s pretty obvious that Jay has many influences which can be found through his music I believe this song will suit any country, folk, or pop fan. The lyrics were inspired by Dobrev as he acclaimed that the song was inspired by her “Tequila Kiss”. I do think Nina is a terrific actress. If we ever meet, I would love to discuss how she prepares for a part. She is “all emotion” I recommend checking the whole album below and feeling the charm! 😉 

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Mena Ezzat