Jeremy Schemm

Touch the clouds released their second single “Tension” which is a part of an upcoming 2023 15 songs LP. Touch the clouds has an iron-clad lineup, with Joe Philips on vocals and guitar, Darrin Hunt on guitar, Nikkie Margosian-Galindo on bass and a backup vocalist, and finally Brian Galindo on drums and percussion.

I really liked the cover art for the single, which was by the artist Mark Penxa, I think he embodied the vibe of the song perfectly. I was really impressed with Philip’s vocals, and the guitars throughout the song was sweet and melodious! I was rather fond of the song’s exploration of life under late capitalism and how sometimes we just need to release the “tension”. 

To conclude, I think these veteran musicians fit together like puzzle pieces, creating amazing things together, and tension is an example of what 4 seasoned musicians can do together. Bravo, Touch the clouds!