“Tension” is the first single from the band and easily one of the best introductions that an all-female band could accomplish. “Tension” is all about that female complexity, how women are shady, dark, warm, and loving. Women are the core of the message that the Annie Dukes quartet wants to deliver. It’s like the modern Meredith Brooks national feminine anthem, with lyrics that describe the power of the feminine trajectory and vocals that bite at the right moment. There’s no denying that the vocals are also what drive this song forward and push it as far as the listener could go. The string guitars are also electrifyingly good, taking listeners on a road trip across central America where diners and bikers pass by and lonely hitchhikers strain to catch the next ride.
Freeing, trespassing, and revolutionary, Annie Dukes’s “Tension” is not a tense song, but a rather chilling testament of the power of the feminine voice. These ladies are rocking it and making no apologies for that. “Tension” makes anybody want to take a dip into the unknown, and if she’s lucky enough to be a woman, she’ll know what to do when the time comes in.

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Jaylan Salah