In his new single “Temporary Lovers”, Benjamin pours his emotions into action. Grief becomes a seaside town with Benjamin’s feelings awash with waves and mourning. Lyrics cut through the soul, carving their way in the hearts and minds of listeners. This is a song that connects people in mourning all over the world, defying distance, races, and social status. Like a hymn in a heartless world, the music is somewhat gospel with predominant piano rock melodies. Benjamin’s vocals bring to mind James Blunt’s glory days as a famed falsetto singer. He perfectly conveys the pain of losing someone and how the world suddenly stops after a major tragedy.
Benjamin carries the weight of the song with his intense vocals and his apt music. “Temporary Lovers” is not just a song to mourn loved ones long gone, but the eulogy of the world as we once knew it. Nothing remained the same after the pandemic, and this song is a reminder that we might not have to accept the change so easily, but shouldn’t forget to breathe deeply and listen to music.

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Jaylan Salah