A starry night while you’re surfing round the city lights. An identity is emerging through the streets and smells. The natives are speaking and you are the tourist who is peering. Around the city, we talk, walk and sing along. The rhythms that control our body and keep up our energy within.


Hitting the road on a cold summer breeze is what I feel whilst playing “City” EP by Temple Solar” from Santiago, Chile.

Temple Solar are 

  • Carlos – Guitar 
  • Daniel – Vocals
  • JJ Valejo – Drums 
  • Alvaro – Guitar 
  • JC – Bass

The Chilean band is discussing multiple general concepts in life; each track had a different perspective, “Silent Dance is discussing how life is hard, but we inevitably need to carry on; we need to dance. And Cityscape is telling the story of how the city consumes you, and your urge to escape from it. While Dreaming is reciting an old love that you remember in moments of loneliness. Bitter love is speaking of a toxic relationship, that no matter the hurt that is reaching one’s heart, they still maintain it. Whereas World of lies discusses the bitter truth that everyone lies. Lastly, Endless domino is the perception that we are interactive, sociable species and we need each other’s within the society.”

Temple Solar are playing “Dark Wave” which is touchable in their tracks as they put a dark signature through their instruments and vocals.

There is some kind of a doomy-signature in Daniel’s pitch and key throughout the record, it seemed as if they were slightly influenced by Type O Negative’s Peter Steele signature in vocals.

Musically the album is deep and dark at the same time, some tracks give you an optimistic vibe, whereas other tracks are psychedelic in a way. 

Guitar parts are very expressive of the mental concept of the record, though it might be needed to go a bit higher in sound, hats-off to Carlos and Alvaro for making their instruments speak!

A couple of tracks kick off with a hi-hat intro, which is kind of confusing cause they were alike in the intro, and you wonder “Did I turn on the repeat button?”.

If you’re someone who is suffering living in the coldness of the capital, this is the music you will relate to. 

My favorite track was “CityScape”. Press the ‘play’ button and tell us what is your favorite track of the EP!