Cover art by @mi_yu.17 (Instagram)

“Tell Us” has got about everything a song needs to lure you in from beginning to end. A very inviting intro, with a beautifully crafted bass guitar backbone throughout the song and a very alluring electric guitar. Both combined, create a heart-stopping melody.

Towards the end of the song, the electric guitar takes the lead. It becomes the main character, which is always nice to hear songs where the band encourages and showcases the individual abilities of each member of the band.

This fusion of Blues and Classic Rock also provides us with provocative bold vocals, both because of the lyrics and the intoxicating tone. No wonder “Tell Us” already has over 13K streams on Spotify.

The song was originally inspired by a news report about a particular natural disaster that happened in the mid part of 2021. 

The storytelling narrated through the lyrics paints a picture of a planetary god, tired of her creations abusing her and destroying the perfect world that she has created for them. In a last ditched attempt to save herself, she fights back, torn between the idea of wiping out her children in order to save herself.

In the long run, we love a song with a story that we can relate to while channelling the power of our inner goddess to relate. Or a hardcore guitar + bass duo song to play loud on our speakers and headphones. Or both.

This is the third solo release from Johnny Brewer, AKA, Johnny & The Brewsers. A harder-edged recording than previous work.

Check out more of his groundbreaking, one of a kind work on Johnny & Thre Brewsers profiles on Spotify, Soundcloud and Youtube.