Jackson Campbell

A defiant woman who has stood in the face of retroactivity and against the norm, with her weapon by her side. That’s right, that is the brutal story behind Gentry Blue‘s single “Tell Them I’m Insane”.

The psychedelic progressive rock band from Nashville, USA is releasing a long-forgotten vibe and an energetic theme, with a hyperactive intro to the track.

Gentry Blue is Lydia Gentry on vocals and electric violin, Brendan DeBonis on guitar, Will Gibson on bass, and Kaleb Kinyon on drums.

Brendan DeBonis’s guitars are smooth throughout the track and are in sync with the rest of the instruments including vocals. As they were the cornerstone in the structure of the track.

A mesmerizing solo occurs closer to the end of the track, and I wondered “Whoa! Am I hearing correctly? Is that an Electric-violin solo?!” And indeed it was! It is something that we rarely see in today’s music, an electric-violin solo.

Lydia Gentry’s vocals are absolutely blazing, but to my ears, it felt somehow weird. It sounded like it needed more clarity to be added to it, or more of a hardened vocal exposure. As it seemed like you were hearing the track being played live and in a large hall.

Though the track was mixed and mastered by the Grammy award-winning Mitch Dane, however I believe that it needed to be better in terms of quality of sound and clarity of vocals, and maintaining its vocal sharpness. Sometimes it felt like those elements were lost in mastering.

Coming off to the lyrics, they are interesting and it’s like they tell a story or some kind of a movie trailer. And the chorus is super catchy for the ears; “The band’s mission is to write songs with tactful instrumentals and catchy hooks.” And that is a mission passed for me there!

I believe if the song had a melodic solo infusion of the guitar and electric violin, it could’ve positioned the track into a whole different place.

All in all, the track was wonderfully sung and played, but it lacked a bit of quality and clarity. But it is still stuck in my brain with that hook!

Play the track and tell us what you think.