With six musicians and a psychedelic funk/rock style, The Chris Ruben Band, based in the United States, is giving us their latest single, “Tell Me You Love Me,” that is full of dynamic vibes, with fast-tempo beats and groovy, funky tunes that make the legs unconsciously shake. The electric guitars spice the song up and align with Chris Ruben’s vocals, which are energetic and vibrant, making the single irresistible to jam with. The rich solo playing is mind-blowing from the intro till the outro, and the solid drums are just on point, giving us the well-arranged rocking melodies.

Forget about the cliché love songs with their waiting and anticipating if the one you love loves you back or not, “The Chris Ruben Band” has arrived with a win-win concept: telling the one that you love them and asking them to tell you they love you. With these catchy rhythms, it’s hard to say no. It’s a song that needs to be played at the maximum volume and enjoyed for the good vibes only.

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Viola Karmy


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