The slow, smooth intro with the sunlight coming from the window in the music video was an amazing starting point! The whole music video is well-directed and much entertaining. The lyrics are touching and easily stuck on your mind. What makes “Tell Me When” a great hit is the gradual shifting that makes your feelings go up and down! Starting with the delicate vocals and melodies in the opening and verses, and then shifting to the upbeat rock with the intense guitar playing and great drums, with the hyper, passionate vocals in the chorus.

I appreciated their musical style and the way they were able to create their one-of-a-kind art naturally without appearing to strive too hard. They have a lot more up their sleeves, which astonished me when the chorus came in. The storyline in the lyrics, music video, and even the harmony and vocals express it in a way that makes me imagine a different scenario, which is another beauty of it! He’s that poor lover who wonders if the person he’s thinking about all the time is thinking about him as well. Other times, it felt like he had done a lot of damage to that person, but he couldn’t move on and accept the reality that they couldn’t be together again. Not to exaggerate, but I’ve had the impression that he’s a creepy stalker at times! At some point, all of the scenarios come together to form a single story about a person in love who wishes to be loved back and be free of his mind misery.

Listen to the single below and watch the music video to see what I’m talking about. 

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Viola Karmy