Tears Of Regret is one of the most famous underground bands in The Arab World, being a mutual project between Jordon and Iraq. Few weeks ago, the band released their latest single ‘My Suffering’ from their upcoming full lenght album entilted The Darkness Prophecy.

The lyrics of the track talks about mythology, evil, pain, suffering, war and tragedy and that’s what the music perfectly reflected. The intro of the track was epic and carried an atmospheric/symphonic touch. The track carriesanger melodic guitar tunes with the magic of the Atmospheric Black metal music style. The harmony between instruments was good but in the last part of the track, the quality of mixing and mastering processes weren’t as good because I could heard some noise from the guitar and it was louder than the other instruments. The drums were the loudest and the most appeared as well as the vocals. They were louder than all instruments that I couldn’t distinguish bass or clear keys lines during the track; maybe the track witnessed absence of keys or maybe they counted more on guitar than keys. The main problem was the quality, I listen to many tracksby Tears Of Regret and they had better quality.

I give this track 7 out 10 because the recording, mixing, mastering processes needed had to be carried out better than that. I hope the band thinks of remestaring the track, before releasing their upcoming album.

Edited by: NJ Bakr