With their sludgy mix, relentless riffing, and extreme sound, the  Virginia-based metalheads Diseased Earth will break into your on-repeat playlist with their latest single “Tearing The Heaven’s Asunder” 

Diseased Earth opens “Tearing The Heaven’s Asunder” with a raw thick riff that bursts into loads of heavy groove at the verse. They steer with full force into a heavier sound with dense head-spinning riffs, deep growls, pounding drums, and fat bass as the song progresses with some melodic touches stepping on especially at that killer solo. Diseased Earth managed to maintain a doomy atmosphere while freely joggling around groovy OSDM riffs in a way only skilled songwriters do, mixing darkness with headbanging creating the perfect mix for any proper metalhead.

 “Tearing The Heaven’s Asunder” is an extremely heavy banger by Diseased Earth, it is full of deep growls and raw groovy riffs that’ll send you off your seat headbanging as Diseased Earth keep relentlessly pushing their extreme sound boundaries. Totally recommended for any extreme music lover, I’ll definitely keep an eye on Diseased Earth, cheers guys!