Youthful, alive, and intriguing tunes occurred when the fast-emerging indie rock star Isaac Neilson released a new hit titled “Tear This Down”.

From Buxton, United Kingdom with an ear-grasping intro and a very catchy chorus, the track begins with a solid bass line along the high cymbals ticks, and then Isaac announces himself through his vocal astonishing capabilities.

The track is a rock ballad with the magnificence of the bass line that tickles your eardrums once the track begins until the second it ends, the bass is flaming throughout. Also, the drums are joyful and bright with the inspiring vocal pitch of Isaac’s. 

The heads banging once the chorus hit reminds me of a truthful quote by Isaac “This brand new track is bringing you vocal brilliance and gets the song stuck in your head”. 

Vocal-wise, the track needs a somewhat sort of more clarity with less echo-themed effects on the vocal lines would boost this track ten times up!

Guitar chords are precisely composed and played perfectly syncing along the bass, drums and vocal lines.

Tear This Down’ is one day old, be one of the very first to listen to the track, don’t forget to comment your rating!