TEAR is the latest single by Grooblen that showed a departure from the regular sound they’re known for. After meeting KC of KDC Guild in an artist interview, he came up with this futuristic-sounding instrumental that he made for Grooblen, and the lyrics were written to describe how every person fights to have authority over their body and thrive, not just survive, the hardships of life. 

I really loved the phrase “my body keeps gaslighting me”. It speaks volumes about how we own our bodies yet we have no say in how they react to the surrounding environment – a concept that I’ve never really thought through before hearing those lyrics. 

Musically, the song is based on a very groovy bassline and some root notes with a recurring vocal hook that give the track a haunting and serene shoegaze influence. Indescribably, the track’s tribal percussion and synthesizers bring a bubblegum pop influence that will make you get all the queer vibes in the world. If you thought you cannot express gender fluidity through music, this track will make you think again.

The layering of the vocals, crystal clear production, the use of multiple synthesizers, and finally the charming bass guitar were all the driving forces that made this song one big inspired and shiny wall of sound. And I had it on repeat for the whole day when I discovered it, I heavily recommend this tune to lovers of experimental music that’s not taking the safe side or trying to be commercial.