The Leicester-based band hits one more time with another exceptional single this year, “Team Player” is their 5th single released this year. The band members Sydd Spudd on Drums, Pete Brock on guitar and vocals, and Ted pepper on bass and vocals, only started releasing their music last year and they’re already receiving huge recognition and the liking of the listeners and the critics. The band was intimated by the success of their previous release “Darker Star” and had their doubts that “Team Player” would reach these numbers, but to everyone’s surprise in less than 2 weeks, the song has reached 33k views on YouTube and 10K streams on Spotify, from the looks of it, it’ll outshine their Darker Star. 

‘Team Player’ is a song for the non-team players, the ones who don’t oblige to rules or social pressure. It’s for the ones who have a personal point of view and do not just want to stick to the team and are not afraid to speak out about it. The song starts with a powerful, in-your-face intro, with a cool horn sound in the back with a sick beat and an elaborate, vibrant guitar line. The music takes you to unexpected places and unusual approaches in vocals and interpretation as if they broke free from their comfort zone. 

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