Joshua Ketchmark

Joshua Ketchmark, an alt country artist hailing from Nashville, recently released his newest single “Tazewell Count Line” off his new record titled “Blood”. His lineup includes Zak St John on drums and percussion, Ger Hoffman on bass, Sadler Vaden on guitar, Michael Webb on organ and Ketchmark himself on acoustic/electric guitar and lead vocals.

I’m really impressed with the guitar in the song, especially those kickass licks. I’m usually not a country fan, but this song really got to me! The perfect fusion of alt and country, making country accessible to those who usually do not listen to traditional country music. The line “I wont ask how you want to be remembered, How could I ever forget?” is such a raw line, I had to sit down for a second and contemplate the beautiful lyrics. 

All in all, with this amazing songwriting, a kickass lineup, and a sexy fusion of alternative and country music, Ketchmark is bound to get into the spotlight. I never heard something like this before and I am excited to hear what Ketchmark has in store for us in the future!