Teasing their upcoming record Genosha, German headbangers Porter dropped the 1st single Tax Free Hollows on the 10th of November 2023, giving us a taste of their direction and sound, AND IT ROCKS. Seeking heavier direction, Porter make use of their powerful sound and expressive riffs taking us on an irresistible energetic journey in Tax Free Hollows. Let me tell you more about it. 

Porter’s raw heavy riffs and pounding drums had me hooked right from Tax Free Hollows’ intro, sending me on a headbanging frenzy as the song moved on to the next level. It has intense riffs and a relentless groove that powerfully pushes its sound forward towards a bigger, more aggressive one, as the hard-hitting bass magnifies its heaviness and maintains its driving flow keeping the listeners hooked and entertained. Tax-Free Hollows has an extremely dynamic structure with a solid, escalating progression that smoothly leads to a shredding melodic solo, topped by a catchy vocal melody that makes you pay attention to every word that’s being said, all in a banging setup that injects its sound with boosting energy and makes every heavy music fan falls in love with Porter.

Tax Free Hollows is a solid tune with a powerful flow that’s built on dense riffs without compromising Porter’s melodic side as they carefully crafted its structure to show their diverse influences and directions within their heavy progressive core. Looking for more from Porter, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!